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Do you have…


  • – high turnover?
  • – poor performance?
  • – frustrated employees?
  • – inconsistent profitability?
  • – high hiring costs?


360 Talent Advisors has partnered with 360Solutions to offer many valuable assessments and survey tools that can be used for hiring the right employees, gaining insight from workgroups, and uncovering development opportunities for individuals and organizations. Over 25 years of research and development have gone into our employee assessment system to ensure that you have fast, accurate, cost effective and EEOC Compliant results.



360 Talent Advisors will administer your profiles on a fee per assessment basis, or we can set up your own corporate account and you can have unlimited access to any and all of the assessments and administer them yourself. Unlimited accounts make sense especially for those organizations with aggressive hiring plans and those who wish to create custom benchmarks.

Contact us today so that we can learn about how your company can benefit from using our assessments. We will develop a custom plan to solve the hiring problems you’re experiencing.

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