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360 LMS

We know that classroom training alone provides the lowest return on your training investment. To increase retention and assure training participants KNOW what they learn in the classroom, eLearning and coaching support are available from Performant Solutions.

It is well known that businesses of today operate in a fast-paced environment that requires quick learning, just-in-time training, and instant access to knowledge and information. We have several eLearning and mobile learning options available. With our 360 Social Learning Platform, we will work closely with you to design, develop and implement your own eLearning library that address strategic business issues and support learning initiatives.

What is 360 LMS?

360 LMS provides cutting edge cloud-based software for creating, sharing and tracking online social learning. With 360 LMS you can easily upload Powerpoint presentations, PDFs, video, audio and use our test and surveying engine to create custom learning. Set up groups to customize the learning and encourage collaboration and sharing. Have access to the learning when you need it 24 hours a day seven days a week by logging on from your phone, tablet or any device that has Internet access. And with state-of-the-art security you can be assured that your information is safe.


The growth in mobile delivered learning is driven by a rapid user adoption, significant cost savings, more effective presentations of training content, reinforcement of on-the-job performance and the immediate availability of access to job aids and resources.Employees can pull out bit-sized training when it is needed, making the value, potential and return on investment increase because the learner will learn more when the information is relevant to him or her.

Quick to Implement

  Lower overall costs – 360 LMS can be deployed faster and within fewer implementation services than almost any other learning system in the market. The difference: deployment in days versus months.


  Best in class – All communication to and from 360 LMS servers is done over 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Encryption.

Highly Scalable

  Grows as you grow – 360 LMS can scale to very large numbers. Our current tests have shown upwards of 500,000 users and more than 100,000 concurrent users.


  Only adjustable interface – Every vendor claims this, but often fails in delivery. 360 LMS user interface is dynamically adjustable, as the screen is built at the outset, based on the customer’s organizational structure, preference settings, skin properties, language choice and system configuration.


  Multiple language handling – 360 LMS was designed from the ground up to be language neutral, hence it is able to support many languages simultaneously, selectable by the user at any time, on the same instance.

Market-Leading Functionality

  Mobile, social, compliance – 360 LMS comes with inherent capabilities for mobile learning collaboration, compliance and extended enterprise management.

Integrated & Practical

  360 LMS is part of the 360 LMS Talent Suite providing clients with a fully integrated approach to support an innovative model of ongoing learning, talent, and performance management.

E-mail Notifications

  No need to keep checking in – The system will let you know.

Lifetime Upgrades

  Never be outdated again. We automatically upgrade you behind the scene. No need to do anything on your end.